sphere cone line

These are drawings in three-dimensional space. They are expressions of geometrical definitions of shapes through performances and sculptures. The size of the shapes is monumental, but their physical expression is minuscule and ephemeral.


The sculptures are tools for a performance that is shown beside the works. The drawings that these sculptures make in space are basically invisible without the aid of the videos. 


The markings endured after the exhibition ended, because they are so easily ignored. They were too subtle to go through the effort of removing them.

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performance and mixed media sculpture | variable sizes | 2017


Placing a pencil to the end of a string attached to a center point, a really big sphere can be drawn. Like a compass but for 3D space. This sculpture and performance consists of making one such drawings and then erasing it by cleaning it thoroughly with soap and water creating a difference in tonality in the walls and floor. 


The tool used to make the original pencil circle is left in the middle of the drawing as a sculpture.

mixed media | 6m diameter | 2017


This is a three dimensional drawing of a cone in space. It is made by the use of a sculpture that consists of a blackboard with a string nailed to it with markings at equal intervals. This string is used to draw concentric circles with chalk. Each circle is bigger than the previous one by a constant amount. 


Each time a circle is drawn, the blackboard is moved forward 5 cm. This leaves a trail of lines, made by the residue of the chalk drawings. The length of these lines is the same as the diameter of the circles on the blackboard. These lines of chalk dust make a triangle shape on the floor.



The resulting markings on the ground and chalkboard show the sections of a cone made by circles of increasing size.

mixed media | 6m diameter | 2017


To align is to place or arrange things in a straight line. It follows that, in order to draw a line in space, one has only to align some points with a pencil. This work marks the points of alignment between the tips of two screws atop a couple of sculptures to the floor and the wall. Making the drawing of a line in space by just a couple of dots.

mixed media | 100 x 25 x25 and 120 x 25 x 50  | 2017