garden of drawings

This series consists of a collection of depictions of plants over different objects. An installation is then made to display these drawing-objects within a space.

Sketchbook pages or loose drawings  are turned into material for making sculptures. The work itself is not built but rather grown, like a garden. Elements are used and reused depending on the context. 

The subject of plants is used as an excuse. The main focus of the work is understanding the nature of drawings through the act of drawing.

Various materials are used either directly or indirectly by casting them onto plaster to collect their shapes and textures. The use of this and other building materials visually links these objects with architecture and the act of construction. It gives the sculpture a big sense of scale despite being quite small in size.

installation views

  • paprika oven (2019)
  • suikerfabriek (2019)
  • sbk (2019)
  • academie minerva (2018)


mixed media | varying sizes | 2018-2019