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This is an exhibition consisting of two dialoguing installations. The normal entrance to the building is replaced by a cardboard wall with a small and uncomfortable vertically sliding door.

On the ground floor, there is a 3m tall penetrable structure built of modular cardboard panels assembled with joints like a Lego or Ikea furniture. Inside this structure, there is a lamp that with a motor, mixes primary colors together as it turns around.

Upstairs, handmade projectors show 2D depictions of platonic shapes. These images move by the action of small and loud motors inside the projectors. Diffraction creates colors from monochromatic prints and different slides moving in and out of focus create the illusion of volume from flat surfaces.

The projections get texture by the intentional misuse of the printing process and are further distorted by the light source and other material limitations. 

The projectors themselves are very precisely done by hand as to look machine-made, and the cardboard is carefully aged with rust applied and sanded off in various layers. 

The shape of the penetrable sculpture is roughly the same as the projectors, the more complex but smaller objects. Each one designed with the other in mind, their form and therefore meaning is interdependent. Both objects are each other’s maquette. They are each other’s shadow.

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penetrable (ground floor) :    cardboard | 300 x 230 x 130 cm | 2016

projectors (first floor) :    mixed media | 40 x 20 x 18 cm | 2016